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Marketing Tricks From the Judi Online Poker Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is interesting. Although there are various regulation levels in various regions throughout the world, gambling remains a very popular activity. Now you can even play casino games throughout internet. There are many sites that you can registered on, take part in bingo tournaments, or buy lottery tickets. Many gambling opportunities are easily accessible to many people.

The industry as a whole has been able to develop because there is always a marketing flow carried out by casino operators to attract and retain players. Whatever industry you work in, there are a few simple but effective marketing tricks that you can learn from the gambling industry – here are five that you might want to consider.

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License Offer

More and more slots and several other types of casino games are themed after popular IPs, such as TV shows, movies, brands, and music artists. Many of the biggest game providers in the industry, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, and Cryptologic, have signed agreements to make a number of interesting and immersive slots based on various well-known IPs that are familiar to players.

Why do casino game providers make this transaction? Branded slots tend to attract more player interest and hence make more money than non-brands.

Companies that give licenses to game developers can also make money from paying developers to use their branded content, so this is a win-win situation for both parties. Branded slots can do a good job of attracting players to the casino.

Loyalty Scheme

Many online casinos have loyalty schemes that are basically designed to reward player loyalty. The idea behind this scheme is that the longer you play at the casino, the more casinos will reward you. A typical loyalty scheme has several different levels and uses a point system to determine what level you are taking.

You usually get points by depositing and betting money on games, and the more points you get, the higher your level is. With higher levels comes better bonuses and benefits.

Such schemes are excellent marketing tricks because they encourage people to remain loyal to a brand, which is a single casino, and reward them for doing so. Some players will even compare the loyalty schemes offered by various casinos and will choose the most profitable one.

Welcome to Offer

Almost every online casino that you meet has a kind of welcome offer available to new players, that is, those who have not yet created an account.

Online gambling is very competitive, with new casinos launching regularly and many new games coming out all the time. For a casino to attract players and make enough money to stay in business, the casino must be competitive in terms of promotions offered. You can take an example like online poker gaming that has the most intriguing reward and promos. The site also offered some players to take part in poker tournament.

People who are looking for new game to play will more often consider a welcome offer. This promotion can often be a determining factor: if you don’t offer enough, players can see what a competing casino has to offer. The essence of the welcome offer is that it gives prospective customers a preview of the casino experience. They register, have some bonus money, or free rounds to use, and if they like to play, they will likely come back and spend real money.

Promotional Offer Options

The main marketing strategy for all types of businesses involves promotion. For casinos, a welcome offer is just one type of promotion; others include loyalty schemes, limited time offers, and VIP clubs. Some casinos take promotions to the next level by offering players the choice of promotional offers.

Instead of just giving prizes to all players with the exact same bonus, a small number of casinos let players choose from two or more options. This makes promotion more interactive and interesting because players are not only given something; they are asked to make decisions about which offer is best for them.

If you offer, say, ten free turns in the Starburst slot, this might not appeal to all players, and some might sign up for another casino instead. If you offer a choice of 10 free spins on Starburst or £ 10 as bonus money, those who don’t want free spins can choose a bonus money offer, register with your casino, and not a competitor.


The more competitive the industry, the more important the content becomes. As mentioned earlier, the gambling industry is indeed very competitive. This means that casinos continue to compete with each other to register new players and make existing ones come back to get more.

One of the main ways that casinos compete is by displaying content that they think will be a hit with players. The very competitive casino will release new games very regularly and will feature games by the best, most popular, and most successful providers in the industry.

The lesson here is that when it comes to content, you have to be competitive: your content has to be the best, and you have to keep updating your content library regularly, so you don’t miss out on what competitors are offering.

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Starbucks Strategy to Face the Coffee Business Competition in Indonesia

The rise of new local coffee shops that have sprung up today has led to fierce competition in the cafe business in the country.

Coffee startup industries such as Fore Coffee, Tuku Coffee Shop, Coffee Memories and others also become heavy competitors of conventional coffee retailers such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, to Excelso.

Responding to the rampant competition in the coffee retail business, Head of Corporate Communication of PT Mitra Adi Perkasa Tbk. (MAPI) Fetty Kwartati said that Starbucks as a coffee shop under the auspices of MAPI currently has 404 outlets spread across more than 30 cities with a very large network and reaches the upper middle and middle class segments.


How is the Strategy?

“With a very strong brand awareness, Starbucks continues to improve business and performance so that it can survive amid high competition that not only comes from coffee, but also from other types of drinks,” he said when contacted by, Wednesday (7/8) / 2019). Fetty said, to face the competition Starbucks remained focused on customer satisfaction and always tried to provide better choices and services. She even suggest that the best strategy to make customers feel comfortable is by inviting them into online casino in judi online poker while sitting on with some friends and drinking their coffee.

In addition, the marketing strategy is also tailored to the needs of customers and the current situation, namely integrated marketing activities.

“For example, creating special campaigns every month, creating attractive new seasonal drinks, collaborating promotions with digital wallets, creating unique Starbucks merchandise, building special Starbucks concepts such as the Starbucks Reserve Store that further provides customer experience and engagement, optimizing CRM through Starbucks Loyalty Card, optimize Gofood delivery market. ”

Fetty said, she was confident that Starbucks coffee sales trends would continue to grow considering the performance in the first semester of 2019 increased by more than 20% compared to last year.

“Performance in semester 1 of this year is quite good with sales growth of more than 20%. We hope this performance can continue to be improved until the end of 2019. ”

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Association of Indonesian Cafes and Restaurants Entrepreneurs (Apkrindo) Eddy Sutanto said that currently the coffee startup shop was indeed in the public interest. Moreover, the price is priced quite affordable and millennial.

“For us to see, it is a growth of coffee drinks or the enlargement of the coffee beverage market in Indonesia, and when compared to our population I think the market is still very large. Of course there is an influence on the sales of traditional coffee shops such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and the like, “he said when contacted by Business, Wednesday (07/08/2019).

To overcome this, Eddy said, the traditional coffee shop must re-brand or adjust current market demand.

According to him, it is probable that the trend of sales of traditional coffee shops could decline and have an impact on closing outlets.

“It could happen like in China, Starbucks lost to their Luckin Coffee in 2 years opening 2400 outlets,” he added.

Meanwhile, related to the coffee business growth trend this year, Eddy predicts it will be quite large.

“In terms of growth, we do not have exact numbers, but what is clear is growing very rapidly. For the transaction target, we don’t have exact figures yet, but the total number of business copies [potential market size] is more than IDR 10 trillion. “

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4 Steps of Internet Marketing in Slot Online Niche for Beginners

The rapid development of the internet is currently able to bring many advantages in various fields of life. Almost everyone today relies on technology that makes it easier, even now people have started to switch from offline transactions to online. It’s no exception for the gambling world; when back then, people need to go to a casino to play a slot machine, now they can play slot online by using a laptop or mobile phone. The game developer really put all of the efforts so the player can feel the Casino nuance even when they play in their home.

Internet Marketing or marketing through the internet is one of the mandatory science that must be possessed, especially for those of you who will sell online systems. To be a reliable internet marketer is indeed not easy; it requires quite a long experience and process.

However, if you know how to learn internet marketing, you don’t need a long time to become a reliable internet marketer. Some problems are often faced by beginner internet marketers such as determining the product to be sold, not knowing how to research the correct competitors, and not knowing how to market well. Below are the steps that must be done in learning internet marketing.

# Product Research

In internet marketing, product research is the main key. What is discussed in online business is the desire of the market, not your desire alone. So, if you sell a product that is trending and needed a lot of people, then you will most likely get a large profit.

To find out product research, the easiest way is to look at the large marketplaces in Indonesia which products are the best-sellers. Another way you can do product research is to use Google Trends. Next, we explain how to research:

  1. Try to start by opening Google Trends, and make sure you are logged into your Gmail account.
  2. Then in the search box, you can enter product keywords; for example, you want to sell skincare, then enter the keyword “skincare” and press enter.
  3. After completion, you will see a graph like the one below from the results of the keyword “skincare.”
  4. Please observe the graph, if the search graph is stable, it means that the product searches every month are stable, but if the search graph decreases, we suggest that you look for other products that are more potential to sell.
Research the competition in the market to find out who your competitors will face later

# Competition Research

After the product is obtained, the next step is to research the competition in the market to find out who your competitors will face later. From this research, you will get an overview of business opponents, so at least you can compensate or win the business competition. The easiest way to research business competition is to look at the products that you will sell in the marketplace.

Competitor research is also useful for analyzing competitors ‘strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so that you can also compare competitors’ products and business strategies from these aspects. In determining the price, you can use the Leader Pricing system, which is setting prices lower than the market price with minimal profit so that consumers can move to the product you are selling. This method, you can use to increase sales turnover so that you will get great benefits.

# Building a Consumer Database

The next important step in doing internet marketing is to collect and build a consumer database. This is useful for mapping potential customers who will later become targets of internet marketing distribution of both content and offers. Building a content database also means building connections because basically, internet marketing is not only about how consumers can achieve products but how outcomes can be realized and known by consumers.

Choosing Internet Marketing Media

# Choosing Internet Marketing Media

The final step is to choose internet marketing media itself. There are many choices of strategies that you can use to market the products you have. Here are the reviews:

  • Content Marketing
    Content is king. You do not need to use the traditional way to advertise openly. If you are looking at television and then seeing an ad, you will not like it then switch to another television channel, as well as in the world of internet marketing, and people will move to another website if they find an advertisement openly.
    The solution is with content marketing. Marketing by utilizing content will not directly sell from the products you have, but rather sell the value of the benefits and usability of the products you have by presenting articles, audio, videos, and presentations.
  • Facebook Marketing
    Currently, Facebook is one of the most popular social media and has the most active users in the world. So it’s no wonder that Facebook is the most promising product marketing site. You can also use Facebook Fanpage to promote and increase branding and awareness of your business. Apart from that, you can also use Facebook Ads for advertising as another way to determine your target market according to the products you sell.
  • Website Marketing
    The website is the most effective media to carry out online marketing strategies. From the sales, side it can be further increased and be able to grow the business brand that you have. With a website, consumers can see all the products you have and know the quality of the brand, whether made carelessly or professionally.
  • SEO Marketing
    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique where you can optimize search engines as a medium for your business coverage. The more your business is on the first page and ranks first in search engines, the greater the chance your audience can get to know your business. There are three main components in SEO, off-page optimization, namely keyword research and on-page.
  • YouTube Marketing
    YouTube is now the most visited video sharing site, be it young people, adults, or even parents. Moreover, the provider offers cheap internet packages. For YouTube, you only need to create a channel containing your business profile, product reviews, or content related to your product and then upload it to YouTube.

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Email Marketing Turns Out To Be A Very Effective Strategy In Developing A Business

In running a business, it cannot be separated from marketing activities. Marketing is a series of activities or company activities to meet the needs and satisfaction of consumers. It is starting from making products, determining the price, place of sale, and promoting these products to consumers. Marketing activities themselves vary, ranging from direct sales, promoting through social media, placing advertisements on the radio, and also email marketing.

If your business is large, there may be many marketing methods you can do, but when your business is still small, marketing activities become one of the big challenges, where you have to think about how to do good marketing to grow a business with little or no cost. In addition, you also have to think of ways how this marketing activity can provide a stable profit for the company every month.

For those of you who are currently pioneering business and want to do marketing activities, you can use email marketing as a way of promotion that is economical and easy to do. Below are some ways to do email marketing that is right for your business.

Sign Up Newsletter

# Types of Email Marketing

  • Invitation Email
    This type of email marketing can help you keep your clients and customers up to date with upcoming company events. This type of e-mail can be sent a week or no later than one day before the company’s activities will take place. This can help you encourage your customers to attend the events we make. For example, when you want to hold a seminar or workshop involving customers, or when you want to invite customers to take part in training for free, and so on.
  • Newsletter
    Newsletters are a type of email marketing that can easily maintain your customer’s loyalty through the use of information in every upcoming business news or promotion. A newsletter can be sent repeatedly and regularly, for example, once a month or even once a week.
  • Email Digest
    This is one type of email marketing that is automatically generated by an electronic mailing list. With this e-mail, you can specify the period of the e-mail used, for example, days, weeks, months and so on. You can also limit the recipients of this email, for example, 10 people, 100 people, 200 people in one delivery.
Strategies in Sending Email Marketing

# Strategies in Sending Email Marketing

After you determine the type of email marketing you want to use, the next thing you should pay attention to is the points in the email itself. Because many people will not always read the email you send, especially when the email smells of product promotion. Below is a strategy that you can apply to make email marketing more productive, and you can emulate.

  • Request for Personal Data
    When you want to collect a customer database, then you certainly need to include the data form yourself in email marketing. Try to retrieve only important data, such as email addresses, to increase the number of subscriptions on your website or blog. Because, by asking for too many databases, in addition to making customers lazy to fill it, this can also make customers feel hesitant in providing information about themselves, especially with the rampant misuse of information via the internet as it is today.
  • Display Email
    Customers open not all e-mails because writing interesting e-mail subjects and inviting people’s attention to read them to the end. A study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association found that 88% of people who open an email like the display in the form of HTML content and the remaining 12% like the display or e-mail content in the form of text. For this reason, after determining an interesting subject, make an email with a display that attracts the attention of customers and can make customers do something in the email, for example, pressing a button or button to get a promotion.
  • Email Subject
    The first important point that must be considered in making email marketing is the subject or title of the email itself. Therefore, before sending the email, you should pay attention to the subject of the email to attract the attention of customers, and contain an invitation to do something. Never underestimate an email subject if you want your email marketing to be opened, read, and get responses from clients or customers.
  • Gift Promo
    To attract customers to do something in an email, you can also offer attractive promos to people who have subscribed. For example, by providing a discount code or other promo special that you can include in the marketing email that you send. Consider the win-win aspect for customers who want to sign up for list building email and for potential customers who want to get something from the company.
  • Customer Testimonials
    In email marketing, you can also add content about customer testimonials to increase the effectiveness of email subscriptions for your site. For those of you who run businesses on a small scale, you can include photos of satisfied customers of the products or services offered by your product, or by displaying testimonials from famous people on your site. This aims to provide information about the e-mail in the hope that the company will provide valuable information sought by your prospective customers.

So it can be concluded that, when your business is still on a small scale and does not have enough promotional costs, you should be able to promote email marketing properly. That way, you can more easily market and introduce your products to customers with a wider range.

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3 Types of Marketing That Can Influence and Increase Sales

Basically, marketing has a reasonably broad scope, which is divided into various types, which depend on three critical things in marketing strategy and marketing plan, namely on the target market, marketing techniques, and tools used. Different types of marketing certainly make different ways of implementing them, to better understand the three types of marketing, here is a detailed explanation of the types of marketing.

# Based on Target Market

One crucial thing that influences marketing strategy and marketing plan is the target market in business, and this is because, in the planning and manufacturing process of a product, the company must first understand the target market so that the product made can meet the needs of the intended consumer. Based on the target market, marketing is divided into four types, namely:

  1. Business to Business (B2B), which is a marketing technique used by companies to target other companies or businesses to other businesses by offering products that can promote these other businesses.
  2. Business to Consumer (B2C), is a marketing technique that is carried out to target consumers in general.
  3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C), a marketing technique aimed at consumers for other consumers.
  4. Business to Government (B2G), is a marketing technique that is carried out from business to government agencies.
Marketing Techniques

# Based on Marketing Techniques

Like its target market, marketing techniques are also important things that must be considered in making a marketing strategy and marketing plan. This is because marketing techniques determine consumer perceptions of the products you offer. Based on marketing techniques, marketing is divided into four types, namely:

  1. Word of Mouth (WOM), this type of marketing prioritizes verbal as a marketing technique.
  2. Guerrilla Marketing, which is an unconventional guerrilla marketing technique, has the potential to be interactive marketing and deliberately placed in unexpected places.
  3. Affiliate Marketing, a marketing technique where a business or company provides rewards if an affiliate can bring consumers to the business.
  4. Database Marketing, marketing techniques by utilizing a potential consumer database to promote products with personal communication then.
The Tool Used Marketing

#Based on The Tool Used

In addition to the target market and marketing techniques, the tools used to do marketing are also important things that can affect the marketing plan and marketing strategy. Based on the tools used, marketing is divided into three types, namely:

  1. Telemarketing, which is a marketing model using the telephone where the seller collects many potential consumers to buy an item or service.
  2. Digital Marketing, a marketing technique that uses digital channels to promote its products such as television, the internet, social media, and websites.
  3. Direct Mail Marketing, which is a direct marketing technique using brochures, promotional letters, and street advertisements.

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Important Points to Understand Marketing in Business

Maybe there are still many of you who interpret marketing the same as sales. However, it is very closely related to business and customers. Marketing and sales are two very different things. Starting from the understanding, work processes, scope of work, priorities, and different functions make sales and marketing indistinguishable.

# Understanding Marketing

In its own understanding, sales is an activity or business of selling products or services from sellers to buyers at a certain price. While marketing is a series of institutions, activities, and processes of creating or exchanging valuable offers for clients, partners, customers, and the general public. Marketing begins with the fulfillment of human needs, which then grows into human desires. Therefore, marketing can be said as a strategy made to be able to increase sales in a particular business and sales more to the activity of selling a product or service.

Marketing Function

# Marketing Function

The primary purpose of a business is to make a profit by producing goods and services needed by the community as a target market. Therefore the marketing function cannot be separated from the business itself because it is closely related to strategies that can attract customers so that there is an increase in sales. Impact on increasing company profits so that the main objectives of the business can be achieved.

To be able to achieve the objectives of the business, marketing has important functions in the company, which are divided into three types. These functions are the exchange function, physical distribution function, and intermediary function. Each function must have different activities and implementations in business.

  1. Exchange Function
    The first function of marketing or marketing is the exchange function, and the exchange function is defined so that consumers can buy products by exchanging. Exchange here can be in the form of exchanging money for goods or goods with goods in buying and selling, exchanged products can be used alone or resold.
  2. Physical Distribution Function
    The second function of marketing is the function of physical distribution; the physical distribution of products is done by transporting and storing products from producers that will be given or sold to consumers. Transportation is carried out in various ways and modes of transportation, such as land, sea, and air. Whereas storage is carried out by depositing and maintaining the amount of supply so that there is no shortage when the product is needed to meet the needs of the community.
  3. Intermediary Function
    The last function that is owned by marketing is an intermediary function that functions as financing, information search, product grouping, and so on to be able to deliver products to consumers. This function connects the other two functions, the physical exchange, and distribution functions.
The Role of Marketing in Business

# The Role of Marketing in Business

After knowing the functions of marketing, namely the functions of exchange, physical distribution, and intermediaries, you will more easily understand the important role of marketing in a business. However, in addition to knowing and understanding the function of marketing in business, it helps you also understand the critical role of marketing in a business.

  1. As a Sales
    One of the main roles of marketing in business is sales because it seems that we know that one of the important elements of a business is the profit derived from the process of selling goods or services produced from the business.
  2. As a Promotion
    Marketing also has a role in promoting the business and products produced by the business, both in the form of goods and services. The aim is that the community, as a target consumer of the company, can recognize the product and increase business profits by increasing sales potential.
  3. Research and Development
    Besides serving as sales and promotion, marketing also plays a role in product research and development so that products provided by the business are always up to date and can meet changing market needs. It aims to increase sales and company profits. Marketing must research consumer needs and innovate certain products that are owned by the company, as well as ascertain whether the product can meet consumer needs or need to be refined.
  4. Implementation of the Marketing Communication Concept
    Marketing communication or marketing communication is an area of ​​communication that is tasked with carrying out a communication strategy in communicating a product. Therefore marketing as an agent of marketing communication must have a role in building good relations between companies and consumers by means of good conversation as well.
Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy

# Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy

By implementing good marketing communication to build a good relationship with consumers, another thing that must be done by the marketing team is to make a marketing plan and run a good marketing strategy. You might think that the marketing strategy and marketing plans are the same things, but actually, the two things are a different entity.

  1. Marketing Plan
    A series of systematic and coordinated processes of management that lead to marketing strategies to achieve goals so that marketing plans can be made. So a marketing plan is something that will drive marketing strategies in a business.
  2. Marketing Strategy
    In a sense, the marketing strategy includes the ‘what’ you want to achieve to increase profits in the business that the company will receive with the business you are doing. Examples such as you have to provide detailed information to consumers about what products you offer and also the uniqueness of your product from other similar products.

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4 Differences in Online Marketing Targets and Offline Marketing

Do you know the difference between online and offline marketing? If you don’t know, we will explain to you first, what is Online Marketing and Offline Marketing.

Online marketing is marketing that can be done through an interactive online computer system, meaning by connecting customers with sellers electronically.

And offline marketing is the process of selling goods or services directly, where producers and consumers meet in one place to realize the buying and selling process.
Online and offline businesses have many differences, especially in marketing activities. Online business is considered to have lower costs in marketing and promotion, so you can say the capital is more affordable compared to offline activities that require a large capital.

However, it turns out that what distinguishes offline and online businesses are not only distinguished from its marketing but also its marketing target consumers. In our opinion, the different target consumers of online and offline marketing consist of several things. Here are the differences.

Target consumers of online and offline marketing have different ranges

# Reach

Target consumers of online and offline marketing have different ranges; here is an explanation:

  • Offline: To sell a product usually, consumers who need the product come to the store. Generally, offline stores can only serve consumers in certain regions. To attract consumers, a small offline store will distribute brochures to potential customers.
  • Online: because the marketing strategy is done online using digital marketing, so the reach of online consumers is wider than offline. In fact, for this online business, consumers can reach out of town or even outside the island. So that the opportunity for profit is also greater.
Brand Recognition

# Brand Recognition

For online and offline businesses the target marketing consumers can also be distinguished by brand recognition,

  • Offline: consumers who buy into offline stores generally because the store is already trusted. They don’t want to risk buying in a store that is not yet known or trusted. With this, creating an offline store always requires a large promotion on an ongoing basis so that people get to know their products.
  • Online: different from offline, for this target marketing consumer, those who buy at online stores are generally not too concerned with the brand. Consumers prioritize affordable prices. Especially with the existence of a trusted marketplace, so working with a market will be very helpful.
Online and offline businesses have different target marketing consumers based on the strategy

# Marketing Strategy

Both online and offline businesses have different target marketing consumers based on the strategy used:

  • Offline: marketing strategy taken to attract target consumers is to create banners around the store or can also distribute brochures. For large stores, he can use television or radio. However, once again, the people who visited the shop were only people in the surrounding area.
  • Online: online marketing strategies used to reach target consumers online marketing by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and social media. So, the scope for choosing customers is broader and more specific.
Customer Experience

# Customer Experience

Furthermore, what distinguishes the target consumer online and offline marketing is the customer experience.

  • Offline: if a product has an affordable price and good quality will generally have an individual impact on consumers by becoming loyal customers. However, if consumers have good service experience from the store, there will be a positive promotional impact gained from their experience and spread by word of mouth. However, the range is narrower because usually only to the closest people around him.
  • Online: for online businesses, consumers who are satisfied with the service at the online store, will provide a direct review through the review column and comments so that it can have a direct impact on new customers who see the review given.

By knowing the differences in the behavior of target consumers online and offline marketing, you can develop effective marketing strategies to suit the type of business and marketing that you live.

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