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4 Differences in Online Marketing Targets and Offline Marketing

Do you know the difference between online and offline marketing? If you don’t know, we will explain to you first, what is Online Marketing and Offline Marketing.

Online marketing is marketing that can be done through an interactive online computer system, meaning by connecting customers with sellers electronically.

And offline marketing is the process of selling goods or services directly, where producers and consumers meet in one place to realize the buying and selling process.
Online and offline businesses have many differences, especially in marketing activities. Online business is considered to have lower costs in marketing and promotion, so you can say the capital is more affordable compared to offline activities that require a large capital.

However, it turns out that what distinguishes offline and online businesses are not only distinguished from its marketing but also its marketing target consumers. In our opinion, the different target consumers of online and offline marketing consist of several things. Here are the differences.

Target consumers of online and offline marketing have different ranges

# Reach

Target consumers of online and offline marketing have different ranges; here is an explanation:

  • Offline: To sell a product usually, consumers who need the product come to the store. Generally, offline stores can only serve consumers in certain regions. To attract consumers, a small offline store will distribute brochures to potential customers.
  • Online: because the marketing strategy is done online using digital marketing, so the reach of online consumers is wider than offline. In fact, for this online business, consumers can reach out of town or even outside the island. So that the opportunity for profit is also greater.
Brand Recognition

# Brand Recognition

For online and offline businesses the target marketing consumers can also be distinguished by brand recognition,

  • Offline: consumers who buy into offline stores generally because the store is already trusted. They don’t want to risk buying in a store that is not yet known or trusted. With this, creating an offline store always requires a large promotion on an ongoing basis so that people get to know their products.
  • Online: different from offline, for this target marketing consumer, those who buy at online stores are generally not too concerned with the brand. Consumers prioritize affordable prices. Especially with the existence of a trusted marketplace, so working with a market will be very helpful.
Online and offline businesses have different target marketing consumers based on the strategy

# Marketing Strategy

Both online and offline businesses have different target marketing consumers based on the strategy used:

  • Offline: marketing strategy taken to attract target consumers is to create banners around the store or can also distribute brochures. For large stores, he can use television or radio. However, once again, the people who visited the shop were only people in the surrounding area.
  • Online: online marketing strategies used to reach target consumers online marketing by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and social media. So, the scope for choosing customers is broader and more specific.
Customer Experience

# Customer Experience

Furthermore, what distinguishes the target consumer online and offline marketing is the customer experience.

  • Offline: if a product has an affordable price and good quality will generally have an individual impact on consumers by becoming loyal customers. However, if consumers have good service experience from the store, there will be a positive promotional impact gained from their experience and spread by word of mouth. However, the range is narrower because usually only to the closest people around him.
  • Online: for online businesses, consumers who are satisfied with the service at the online store, will provide a direct review through the review column and comments so that it can have a direct impact on new customers who see the review given.

By knowing the differences in the behavior of target consumers online and offline marketing, you can develop effective marketing strategies to suit the type of business and marketing that you live.

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